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2016-17 Winter Season

October 7th, 2016

Now booking clients for residential and commercial snow removal services.  Give us a call if you're tired of shoveling or going away for holidays! 

We are excited to now offer lawn maintenance to our current and new clients.

Give us a call or send an email to schedule a free consultation.

Natures Effects Landscaping Inc.

Natures Effects is a design-build landscape construction firm founded by Chris Bracken in 2010.  Practicing in the realms of landscape construction and design for the past 20+ years (a Landscape Architect by trade), his passion for finer detail, construction and outdoor living spaces shifted his full-time focus from drawing and managing projects back to hands-on implementation from start to finish.

The Natures Effects team brings a solid design and construction background: knowledgeable in current trends and styles, rooted in a firm comprehension of Calgary and surrounding areas' construction practices, codes and requirements and implementation procedures.


Chris’ experience in landscape construction started in 1993 in Southern Ontario.   While attending the University of Windsor where he attained his Bachelor of Commerce degree, he was employed with Bellaire Landscape Inc.  He had a passion for creating new landscapes and this desire lead him to pursue his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree at the University of Guelph from where he graduated in 2005. 

This achievement took his career to the City of Calgary and a position with Carson McCulloch Associates Ltd. where he continued for 6 ½ years as a Landscape Architect.  He realized that although he loved the design side of the profession he truly missed the construction aspect of the work and the appreciation of creating a memorable space.  Some would say that he missed getting his hands dirty!

This passion led to the creation of Natures Effects Landscaping Inc. in 2010.  This design-build venture has allowed him to create custom design landscapes based on his clients' dreams while working with them throughout the process, all the while remaining conscious of their budgets.

Vary rarely will you ever get the Landscape Architect actually constructing your new space – this is how Natures Effects is different!  There will be no miscommunication between the designer and the construction of the project.

He loves this work, as it is his true passion.